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iMags is the home of fantastic content driven business and lifestyle magazines. Our in-house and partner magazines are free to read and have a very clear theme to provide easy to read bite sized magazines giving the reader an engaging experience. The emphasis of each magazine is to provide one or all of the following, entertainment, education and information. The ethos of iMags is quality editorial not paid for editorial influenced by advertising spend, so you are always guaranteed unbiased articles and information. 


iMags is powered by the iPlus Group of companies and is designed and produced by the iPlus Media team. If you would like to contribute to any of our magazines or reach audience of over 200,000 people then do get in touch with the team at iMags. Not only do we produce our own magazines but we produce magazines for our customers be they interest magazines, company magazines or specific content magazines.


The magazines produced by iMags are used for engagement and interest and many are linked to comprehensive sales drivers to engage with new and existing customer bases.


Are you a business owner, entrepreneur or just business minded? Our selection of business magazine could suit you.


Looking to learn a new craft or try a new recipe? One of lifestyle magazines might be worth a read for you.


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